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A Respected Home Business... Naturally

Since 1868, Watkins has been North America's trusted source for natural home care, natural personal care, and gourmet spices and extracts. In fact, we are known today as the Respected Home Business, and that's not just a tagline - it's the truth.


No other direct sales company has been around for over 150 years, no other company can claim that it invented the money-back guarantee, and no other company can beat our quality products and affordable prices. 


The number one reason people fail in direct sales is because their products don't sell. If your products don't sell, there is no money to be made no matter how many people you can sponsor.


We don't have that problem! Our natural, affordable, and consumable products mean that you'll have no trouble getting people interested in your products. THAT means more money in your pockets!


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