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Sriracha is Hot!

Spicy flavors are some of my favorite! Sriracha has literally been one of the hottest trends in the hot sauce category for the last few years. It provides a nice kick to any meal that you add it to, without being overpowering or burning your m

Now, it's available as a dry powder! Exclusively from J.R. Watkins, sriracha seasoning is a delicious addition to many foods, including seafoods, chicken, pork, and a whole lot of different side dishes.

Affordable, convenient, and easy to carry along with you! Get yours today for just $4.98 at

Want it even cheaper? Buy it wholesale by joining the J.R. Watkins Business opportunity - just click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple NEW product announcements coming next week. Here's a hint: new scents, new sizes, and a scent-free option!

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