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New J.R. Watkins Products!

Hey everyone! We just announced some new products, and I wanted to give everyone a first look!

Several of our famous hand/body creams now come in a larger size with a pump, and even two new scents! Not only that, but for 7 extra ounces (18 vs. 11), and a nice bottle with a pump, they only cost $1 more!!

  1. Lemon Creme - 18 oz - $10.99

  2. Coconut Milk & Honey - 18 oz - $10.99

  3. NEW - Coriander and Cedar - 18 oz - $10.99

  4. NEW - Skin Calming (unscented) - 18 oz - $10.99

Even better, all of these new 18 ounce lotions are on sale this month for just $9.99, which is the price of the normal 11 ounce bottles.

These new lotions are available immediately on the J.R. Watkins website.

We have a couple other new products available - which I will announce in another post later this week.

Until then, feel free to reach out if I can help in any way, or if you are interested in the J.R. Watkins Business Opportunity!

#newproducts #lotions #businessopportunity #sale

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